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72 Hour project | Ghostpoet Music video | 105MC

On our 105MC module our groups have all been asked to create a Music video for the artist Ghostpoet who is a Coventry University graduate who also studied Media production. Our task was to choose one of his tracks from his Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam album that has recently been released this year, after we have chosen a track we then had to go out and created a video to go with the track in the next 72 hours and have it uploaded on Vimeo by 3.00pm on Friday the 11th of november.

So first off we decided to all go away on the day we were given the task and each come up with some basic ideas and choose a track each to see if we had any of the same songs that we could push forward to the main video. The following day we decided to go with the song Run run run from Ghostpoets album as we all thought of some good ideas and thought it had some strong lyrics and narrative that we could work some sort of a story around it.

Some of the first ideas we had were to create a lot of effects with the projector and use some creative thinking with the lighting of the video, as we wanted to (sorry to use the phrase) think outside of the box.

Here are some still from our production process of creating the video.

I feel the shooting for the video went really well, me and Dan Hooper from my Media Production course did the filming as we have experience where as the others weren’t so sure, i took care of the editing as it easier if one person takes the project away and works on the editing rather than lots of different opinions. I feel the editing looks good and could be used as an actual Music Video, from the feedback we got from our peers and tutors i feel the project was a huge success they got all of the points and plot lines we put in the video. I one thing i could of improved was some of the camera shots were were held to long and could of been cropped and trimmed in the final edit but as time was short i couldn’t go back and do a re-edit. So here it is the final Music video we created.


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my 3 day diary findings…..

For one of our assignments at university, in our groups we were asked to create a 3 day diary of all of the media we have used and when we use it. So this is my thoughts on my findings from my media use’s.

First off media is everywhere in my life, having a constant internet connection on my iPhone in my pocket constantly getting notifications from Facebook, Twitter a text or even an Email. These are all forms of media that I use constantly use throughout my day, even when I get home from work or university I’m either on my laptop or PlayStation. Even when I am with my girlfriend I will be indulging in some sort of media whether its music or a DVD. It’s always there in what ever I do, some people don’t realise that media is growing and becoming an everyday occurrence, I mean look at how much money companies are making from the media. For example look at apple they have sold billions of tracks on iTunes.

I feel the world is getting ever closer to that digital age where everything will be touchscreen, sort of like when Tony Stark opens his doors on the Ironman movies with a touchscreen palm scanner, we will all soon have them in our homes. Another thing I feel that will be growing in popularity is the Apple iPhone I feel that Apple’s perspective of everyone owning a smart phone will soon be of age.

As this video exemplifies everything is turning to a media world, the numbers and statistics growing show this theory.

Another strange thing I have realised is quite worrying, a vast majority of the new media methods such as social networking, gaming or watching movies means we are all sitting on our asses for large amounts of the day. This is quite a worrying problem we may find will catch up with the next generations this could cause a raise in obesity, this is not a certainty it’s just my opinion.

To roll up all my findings from my diary and put them to you in one simple paragraph would be something like this.

Welcome to the digital age, the growing world of multimedia and the endless technology we are finding everyday with new products and new ways to get the media across to people, there’s a great quote I read online a couple of days ago that stated
” we used to search for the news, but now the news finds us”
This quote sums up what I am saying, we can just simply log on to Facebook and someone would have made a post about the recent headlines.

Media is a versatile and on going industry that will always thrive on the new technologies to bring the media to the public