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4. 161MC Final Thoughts

161MC TV Module has been a whole bag of laughs I have thoroughly enjoyed working in the close group we formed in creating the TV show and have made a lot of good friends. The whole experience of creating the TV show was a long and drawn out process but it was completely enjoyable and i would certainly do it again.

I enjoyed the creative process of it all, I enjoyed the freedom we were given from our lecturers. It allowed us to be creative and go with what we wanted, this allowed us to come up with our final project which in my opinion was very tight and well put together the chemistry of the on screen presenters was apparent for all to see. The show Flowed smoothly with lots of laughs received from our peers on the viewing.

The Website side of the module was my favourite part of the year so far as i enjoy the graphic design side of media, along with creative process of making the website interactive and eye catching to the viewer. After completing the whole process it has made me more professional in my field and has prompted me to create my own Media Freelance website for all sorts of media based work.

I feel i have gained a lot from the module, i wouldn’t hesitate to go back and do it again. Although i would change a couple of things along the way but i couldn’t fault how the module was presented. I have formed good bonds with a number of people throughout the module and learnt many new skills on the web design side and also in my own professionalism.

Here is our finished television show




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2. Transmedia Story Telling

The impact of the different media forms has been massive over the past years and the key to success is learning how to manipulate these different forms of media to reach out to your audience. A good way to do so would be to use these media forms to interactive with your audience and make them feel part of the show through social networks doing things such as competitions or write ins.

Getting this sort of thing spot on can be a massive success if it works, you have to find the right mixture to attract your target audience, find ways to interact with your audience through all sorts of media.

For example with the TV show, to reach out to a wider audience that may not be aware of the show is by telling the story of the show through many different media forms which is one reason we are making our websites to give that interactive feel as well as the audience participation section. Another way would be to distribute our TV show over video sharing websites such as Vimeo and Youtube.

The use of these transmedia techniques are becoming more relevant with the media audience always looking for something new, in this day and age the hypodermic needle theory really doesn’t apply as people now a days are always look for fresh interactive ways to get involved with there favourite programmes.

Therefor we are in an interactive age where every form of media will have Twitter and FaceBook accounts. Some even have blogs for key characters or cast members for the audience to read and interactive with.

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3. My Personal Effects of the TV Module

After all the dust has settled and the lights are off, I can sit back and reflect on my skills and knowledge i have gained throughout the module including my website development and the actual production of the TV show. One thing i have gained the from show is some close friends in the group, as i feel we all came together to form a small family like bond to get us through the production. Another thing i have noticed is the people that put the effort in and the people that don’t do so much.

These are all things to keep in my in a social form, but on the practical side of things i have learnt how valuable media knowledge is throughout the module, i.e understand what all the different abbreviations and nicknames for certain things. Working close to the group is also a strong part of the development, after doing the project i have noticed how much of a team player I am, helping out in other sections which weren’t necessarily mine but i thought my input could improve things. Another valuable skill is to be firm but fair if you want to get a point across, don’t be to pushy be polite and friendly while putting forward your idea and also be able to criticism of your ideas.

Whilst putting my website together on dreamweaver i have realised that consistency and professionalism is key to making a clean and crisp looking website. I have used a lot of flash to add that creative touch and consistent photographs and texts throughout the whole website. I chose to do my website on dreamweaver as it is a skill i have gained from college. It probably added more to work loud but its worth it for my final outcome.

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1. TV Studio and my input.

The TV show has finally reached an end, and i must say i thoroughly enjoyed my time working with everybody in the group. We became a great little family unit helping each other out in everybody’s tasks. We had a lot of different skill sets in our group and we applied them well to the production with multiple people helping on certain tasks.

My personal input was dealt around various tasks, I helped create the set with various trips into town for materials, i created the intro to the show after other people had created some as well so we had a couple to choose from. I worked closely with Joe Graham on certain areas of the TV Show such as the set and some of the camera shots we talk about for the show.

The final run through was a booming success in my opinion, everyone did there role perfectly and I honestly enjoyed the whole experience, of course the Show didn’t get perfectly but with all the factors in place it was the best we could do. And i believe the take we have chosen will do well.

I also helped shoot one of our main VT’s
Some people were more helpful than others but I’m not one to name names, i just know in my head who works well and i have good chemistry working with. I have learnt a lot throughout the module and I’m now looking forward to putting the finishing touches to my website and going on a lovely break in greece!