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James Bond Skyfall Review

James Bond Skyfall is the 50th anniversary film in the James Bond saga, and I was immediately worried as soon as the adverts started. Every advert was using 007 as an advertisement mule with watches, cars, phones and any other products using Daniel Craig to promote there products.

I was hoping that Skyfall wasn’t just an expensive money making project. But I had the thought of the film being in production for nearly two years it must be epic. Then the initial start sequence began which including a car chase, bike chase, and train top battle that was pretty epic to say the least with Bond coming off as his slick usual self. The scene ended with bond being shot by the soon to be Moneypenny and falling a great height to a watery pit.

As we finish this scene, we are greeting by the sweet voice of Adele and the Skyfall soundtrack thumping throught the speakers. The usual Bond visuals on the screen with Daniel Craig shooting at the screen etc. After this we are greeted by M16 headquarters and characters in suits including M (Judy Dench). We find that M is to be relieved of duty after 2 months due to her rash decision during the first scene. M116 then comes under fire from terrorists as an explosion erupts from M’s office.

Bond soon reappears a drunken and dilapidated wreck, with his aim and usual confidence seem to shattered. M then bodges Bonds tests to get him back on active duty.

After heading to shanghai to track the villain from the opening sequence, who he finds of course. Bond follows the assassin through a neon light up sky scraper which creates some stunning visuals which then lead to a game of fisticuffs where Bond unfortunately drops the target to his death of the edge of the building.

After various altercations throughout Shanghai including a fight scene involving some very ominous looking Komodo Dragons, 007 finally meets his nemesis for Skyfall who is an ex double 0 who has gone AWOL.

The villians humour and witty remarks are very similar to Heath Ledgers Joker character, Bond and Silva have al ot of comical exchanges of words till Bond finally captures Silva using a “radio”.

As M is up for trial for her job with MI6 silva manage’s to escape MI6 by hacking there system with his own laptop which the new and youhtful Q operated and therefore activated. Bond is quick on Silvas heels and we are lead on a wild goose chase down into London’s underground full of near miss’s and costume changes. Silva loses bond when he attempts to crush with him a train, Silva then makes a beeline for the unaware M.

Bond tries telling her to get to safety but she cant leave the courtroom, Silva then bursts into the door and opens fire! Silva doesn’t manage to make contact with M as she is saved several times until Bond bursts back into the courtroom to provide cover for escape.

As she is lead out of the court room to her XJ Jaguar she is wizzed away by 007 who is changing the game that Silva has planned, and been a step ahead throughout. James Bond is planning on using M as bait to lure Silva to a place where he feels they have the advantage.

So we head to the foggy marshland of the scottish hills where James Bond was bought up as an orphan, we then meet Ralph Fines who is king of the manor. Bond and the king set up the house for the final battle with Silva setting up spike traps, nails bombs and other clever booby traps.

A group of men come in through the gates as Bond, M and the king make there stand with there traps working a treat. 007 using his gorgeous DB5 as gunship to blast through the enemies with cannons on the front. Bond then bursts into the manor picking off the intruders one by one, only to find out Silva is not present.

We are then greeting to a distant sound of music, taking a leaf out of Tony Starks book we are greeted by a gunship coming in via the coast with some generic rock music booming out via speakers. Silva is then on screen laughing, Bond then opens fire on the gunship which is a foolish mistake as Silva opens fire and tears trough the plaster walls of the set in Surrey. James tells M and the king to head out the secret exit under the tunnel to the chapel up the hill, Silva then exits the helicopter and starts pacing around the manor house. Throwing in grenades willy nilly as if there apples, The manor goes up in flames like a bonfire on the 5th of november.

Then the gunship opens fire on the classic DB5 (this drew a grimace to face) Bond is seen getting angry about his beloved Aston Martin being destroyed as any petrolhead would. 007 opens to gas tanks and leaves them emitting gas into the manor then makes a quick exit into the secret tunnel. The tanks explode sending Silva and his men to the ground and the manor crumbling to pile, M and the king have now just about made it to the chapel. But as Silva makes it to his feet he notice’s M making her escape in the distance and heads off in pursuit. Bond and Silva are now heading to the chapel both battered and bruised, Silva gets there first and has M with a gun pressed against her temple.

But he does the typical villain trait and takes to long talking, he then gets punished for that with a knife in the back from Bond! Silva eventually falls to his knees, then topples face down. M then falls to the ground after saying she made the right decision about bringing Bond back. Bleeding from her hip area she passes away in the hands of bond! where he is clearly emotional.

The film ends with a new Moneypenny and a new M being revealed and bond being given a new top secret folder!

I thouroghly enjoyed Skyfall and came away extremely satisfied with the film, its almost on par with The Dark Knight with some shots being reminiscent to the much sought after film. Even the villain is cut from the same cloth with his physique and personality. I would defiantly and will be going back for a second viewing!


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Uncharted The Fourth Labyrinth is a novel by Christopher Golden, and make no mistake his name says a lot about his writing it is truly golden, I must say before u read this review I’m not a person who reads a lot, actually not at all, but this book grabbed me the moment i started it reading it whilst on holiday in greece.

The stories starts with Nathan Drake on a different adventure to the the main plot but things soon start unravelling as we you get past the first chapter, the way Christopher has described the environments actually makes u imagine what is going on and the entire landscape. I mean i know books are meant to that but iv never been able to imagine something from reading but i must say this book had me hooked from the first to last chapter, if you enjoy playing the Uncharted games like me, you’ll love Uncharted The fourth Labyrinth.

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The Rum Diary Review

Although this film has been out a while i feel i should shed some light on the film, it has received mixed reviews from the press but i thoroughly enjoyed the experience, Rum Diary is a story about an alcohol fuelled writer who loves to get his opinion heard, (Johnny Depp) when he is offered a job at a local newspaper in Puerto Rico he can’t turn it down. Whilst in Puerto Rico he attracts the attention of a local businessman called Sanderson (Aaron Eckhart), Sanderson is interested in Kemps writing skills to use illegally to negotiate with the public via articles strategically placed in the local papers. inevitably Kemp falls for the luscious and voluptuous Chenault (Amber Heard) who unfortunately is Sanderson’s squeeze. This courses things to spiral between Kemp and Sanderson as it all becomes clear towards the end.

Some of the shots in the film are amazing its a beautiful place to shoot, which ever direction you point the camera you get amazing shots. I really liked the way they made Chenault a prize idol between the men, they did a tremendous job of making her truly desirable. Some of the comedy scenes in the film such as the chase and the fiat 500 down the steps really lightened up the middle of the movie after a rather dreary section with a lot of dialogue.

This film showcases how much of a great actor Johnny Depp really is and it shows he can play a lot of diverse roles, I really did enjoy this movie and the era it was set. some of the cars and scenery in the film is amazing. My favourite scene was when Kemp and Chenault were blasting down a country road in a bright red old school Chevy with Chenault almost orgazmic with the wind in her hair.

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Batman The Dark Knight Rises Review **SPOILERS**

I feel I have to write about this film as it is such a bookmark for aspiring film makers that are learning the trade, with a very strong british cast including Tom Hardy and Michael Cane it shows off the talent that we are pumping out of the country. One thing that i hope doesn’t happen is that the horrific colorado shooting over shadows what an epic film The Dark Knight Rises truly is, there are spoilers in this review so if u haven’t seen the movie i would stop reading now.

Lets start from the simple plot of the movie TDKR starts 8 years after the dark knight, it picks up with a weak and frail Bruce Wayne confined to Wayne manor where Batman is on the run from the law and has been absent for years. But things change when the hard hitting mercenary Bane invades Gotham with his grim plans for the city, Bruce Wayne is forced to don the cape and the cowl once again to face a more physical foe than the past two films.

Lets start with the performance of the Characters in the movie and how they were portrayed by Christopher Nolan in his version of Batman, Batman is played by the gritty and deep spoken Christian Bale. Personally I feel his voice is still being forced to be deep and gritty to much i can’t help but laugh at lines such as “WHERE IS THE DETONATOR” in his aggressive voice, as it doesn’t suit the films forte. Christian Bale does play the role extremely well apart from the voice, he has the sophistication to play Bruce Wayne and the presence to play Batman.

There were many doubts about Christopher Nolan’s portrayal of Bane, in the comics and games Bane is a gargantuant beast who is uncontrollable. I was always confident he would make his take on Bane work as he has done in the past films with various other villain’s, Before the film was released some short viewings brought back reviews saying that Tom Hardy’s voice was hard to understand. I didn’t have a problem understanding Bane and caught pretty much every line and really enjoyed the Darth Vader styled voice they applied to the character. That first confrontation In the sewers really was a great scene and just showcased Banes physical dominance in the early stages of the movie and added that true grit to the film. One thing I thought could of made Banes character better would have been a long battle with Batman at the finale, Banes character came across as sadistic yet controlled.

Anne Hathaway played Catwoman and I personally thought she did a good job, she had everything that character needed, sexy, quick, agile and a slight hint of humour! i like her mask/headset which when raised formed the cat like ears. Catwomen seemed clever and cunning in the early parts of the film but needed saving later on by the Batman as she pursued the programme to clear her record. She ends up becoming a strong ally for Batman. One thing i did enjoy of her character was the……. ass. better than Scarlett johansenn in the avengers? il let you decide.

There were other big performances in the movie specifically Michael Canes emotional scenes where he showed a great amount of emotion and really seemed to be upset and involved deeply with the trilogy.

The film was truly enjoyable and flew by it really didn’t seem like the 164 mins running time, but thats what you get from a truly amazing movie that is well put together. The film defiantly didn’t need 3D and I’m glad they decided to stay away from that!

The twists towards the end were really unexpected and added to the big finale! the death tease towards the end was a big shock but really think they couldn’t kill off the legend completely and I’m glad they rounded off the trilogy well. Hats off to Christopher Nolan for another masterpiece.