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People to People | Reflection

Looking back over this project, in my eyes i enjoyed the task that was set us and it allowed me to be creative with the footage and how we did it, initially i wanted to make the footage different to anything else i had seen before. The past People to People projects have all been pretty much the same format just with different characters i somehow wanted to make this different and add my own unique edge to things.

Whilst filming we wanted our guest to feel comfortable in the interview and also in a setting that was relevant to the story being told and to his life, so we chose to sit him at a piano in a music studio with drum kits in the background, this created great shadows from the lighting which i believe added more depth to the documentary. Another thing which could be looked at in different ways is the can that is in the shot, we left that in as it shows that the character is comfortable in the interview and throughout the footage we used it as a metaphor for some of the lines Neil was saying, for example at one point in the short documentary Neil says he felt isolated so the can has a shadow cast over it to create the isolated feeling.

Editing the footage was enjoyable, but a long drawn out process. Sifting through 50 mins of footage trying to chop that down to three minutes and create a strong narrative was no easy task. But i believe we have managed it to great effect, Personally i don’t think 3 minutes i along enough to create a strong people to people piece i feel it should at least be 5 minutes to create a strong narrative around the character, some of the footage we have from Neil, some quotes he pumps out are pure gold on film but we couldn’t put it in as it strayed from the narrative unfortunately.

We would be more than happy to create a longer version of the interview for anybody interested in Neil’s life or any of his other stories along the way, we did touch on several other topics. All in all i can say I am extremely happy with the final outcome of this project and i feel me and my group did a cracking job, I would enjoy working with them again on future projects.


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160MC | People to People | Reflection

For the people to people project in our group we decided to focus on my chosen individual who was Neil Kulkarni who was my old college tutor and also a great musical journalist who has traveled the world and met some of the most famous people on the globe from Jackie Chan to Ozzy Osbourne. I thought this would make an interesting narrative to focus the people to people project on as it revolves around our chosen subject of career path and strongly involves the Media aspect.

After having various meetings amongst our group, we finally had a list of questions we wanted to ask to create our narrative for the people to people project. We also had a list of shots we wanted to use and play around with as we wanted our documentary to look different from the normal, same old shot of subject talking cut to filler or photo. We wanted to think outside the box on our production. I feel we accomplished this with the filming of Neil playing the Piano and filming the documentary in a music studio worked very well to cut down background noise.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project once we started filming and setting up, i felt it went really well and I’m extremely happy with the footage we have of Neil and i would like to thank him massively for giving such great answers and being so understanding, one question we wanted to ask Neil to create a strong narrative was if his ethnicity was frowned upon when he started in the Media industry but we had to be careful around the subject and execute it so that it doesn’t offend.

Some of the shots are great, for the documentary i love the shadows of the drum kit in the background, it adds depth to the documentary and creates a sweet effect. All in all so far i feel the documentary will turn out great and we will have a strong narrative of Neil’s ups and downs in the Media journalism world and for some of our peers i feel it will drag them in and they will enjoy the narrative.

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Poetic eyes Reflection

To be honest at the start of this project i was thinking to myself

“why the hell are we doing poetry this isn’t what iv signed up for”

But now this small project has past and i have had my feedback and creative criticism i am quite happen with the out come of my poetic yes piece, i chose do my poem on somali pirates. A subject which the image we have from the media is shrouding our opinions on what and why they do piracy in somalia, the media never got into the full story behind there reasons, they make them out to be completely evil and they do piracy frivolously as fun.

But that is far from the truth as i found out once i delved into my deep research I done on the subject which i thoroughly enjoyed SURPRISINGLY, After showing my poetic eyes poem to the group and watching the others I was happy that know body else chose a subject even close to mine, which is what i was aiming for.

When making my poem i wanted to make the group aware that the pirates do have morales behind there piracy and to give the somalians view on the matter and let the group decide how the feel about them, this was criticised though. Ken believes i should display my opinion on the matter rather than leave it open for the viewer.

Looking back at the project know the things i would do differently is not change my voice on the piece, i did this to add to the somber, eery tone of the poem. Although this was the wrong decision and I would keep my voice original and just practice how i would say the poem.

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My Poetic Eyes Pitch

After some long hard thinking I have decided to base my poem around the dangerous and ruthless Somalia pirates that occupy the seven seas in there tin boats, armed with all sorts of weaponry. Holding countries and companies to ransom for the safety of hostages or to get there boat back is there forte, they thrive on the need of money to gain more power for themselves by buying new weapons and bigger boats.

The inspiration for this subject came as i am very interested in there activity and how they are different from the pirates that are portrayed in hollywood movies, there are fighting for freedom in one way, some may call them freedom fighters. I feel people need to know they are out there and become aware of what there are doing to a very wealthy industry of shipping cargo and cruise liners.

Here is link for example of some of there activity and severity of there actions:

A great quote form this video is that a “hungry man will do anything”

This whole thing started not so long ago, illegal fisherman and naval vessels from various countries around the world started to drive away all the fish, there was a massive amount of illegal fisherman stealing the fish that was rightfully the city of Somalia therefor leaving the people of Somalia starving and angry with the naval vessels and illegal fisherman stealing there catch, so now instead of going out and catching fish a group of pirates now go out and catch boats worth millions of pounds, these ships are usually loaded with tonnes of fire power.

This is my poem I have put together please tell me where u think I could improve as my poetry is about as good as Emile Heskey is at football.

They ride the waves of the seven seas

They are pirates but not like captain jack

They use AK47’s, Knives and RPG’s

Cruise liners, cargo ships they’ll attack

Their motivator is money

Hijacking ships is what they do

Then hold them for ransom

With there Somalia crew

The amount they request is pretty handsome

But hurry and pay the ransom

If the money is late

Or you don’t co-operate

There will be severe consequences

They are fighting for their life

So there family can eat

There kids their wife

Will get off the street

Freedom fighters or criminals

You decide

Just don’t let them catch you on there tide


My Coventry People ideas.

Option 1 – My dad is a lorry driver, he is out on the roads most of the week and he has some hilarious stories of people he has met, or accidents he has had that will pull at your funny bones.

Option 2 – I have a friend that lost his mother at a young age to cancer, he has managed to put that out his mind and gone on to be a Pro skateboarder and be sponsored by various big brands for performing on his board.

I’m still debating about which story to go with but I’m not 100% sure if my friend who lost his mother would be comfortable talking about it.