Automotive Photographer & Cinematographer

My Work

Over the past 3-4 years i have been studying interactive media many different levels, using different techniques and different ways to getting my work seen by the media audience i would consider myself creative and different to a lot of media you see. I have my own style and i have a lot of ideas waiting to reach the surface this blog will illustrate that with most of the work i do from now on will be documented on here to my audience.

At college i worked on a lot of different forms of media ranging from web design all the way through to 3D Modelling and animation that was a lot of fun to learn and take in, its also a great skill to have as i can now create 3D objects and animate them for future projects. On this page i will showcase my work from videos to actual websites so be sure to come and check it every month or so.

This website was one of my websites I created at college for my own clothing brand, I created the website using Adobe Flash which is a difficult programme to create a website on but it allows for a lot of creativity and interaction for the user which was part of the brief.

This was another project i worked on at university and this was a stop motion project that we given, the brief was to create a stop motion advert for a new music/sitcom channel such as MTV.

After learning how to use Lightwave 3D which was the 3D Modelling programme I was asked to create a 3D Animation of some sort that used a toy room.


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