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After some long hard thinking I have decided to base my poem around the dangerous and ruthless Somalia pirates that occupy the seven seas in there tin boats, armed with all sorts of weaponry. Holding countries and companies to ransom for the safety of hostages or to get there boat back is there forte, they thrive on the need of money to gain more power for themselves by buying new weapons and bigger boats.

The inspiration for this subject came as i am very interested in there activity and how they are different from the pirates that are portrayed in hollywood movies, there are fighting for freedom in one way, some may call them freedom fighters. I feel people need to know they are out there and become aware of what there are doing to a very wealthy industry of shipping cargo and cruise liners.

Here is link for example of some of there activity and severity of there actions:

A great quote form this video is that a “hungry man will do anything”

This whole thing started not so long ago, illegal fisherman and naval vessels from various countries around the world started to drive away all the fish, there was a massive amount of illegal fisherman stealing the fish that was rightfully the city of Somalia therefor leaving the people of Somalia starving and angry with the naval vessels and illegal fisherman stealing there catch, so now instead of going out and catching fish a group of pirates now go out and catch boats worth millions of pounds, these ships are usually loaded with tonnes of fire power.

This is my poem I have put together please tell me where u think I could improve as my poetry is about as good as Emile Heskey is at football.

They ride the waves of the seven seas

They are pirates but not like captain jack

They use AK47’s, Knives and RPG’s

Cruise liners, cargo ships they’ll attack

Their motivator is money

Hijacking ships is what they do

Then hold them for ransom

With there Somalia crew

The amount they request is pretty handsome

But hurry and pay the ransom

If the money is late

Or you don’t co-operate

There will be severe consequences

They are fighting for their life

So there family can eat

There kids their wife

Will get off the street

Freedom fighters or criminals

You decide

Just don’t let them catch you on there tide


Author: iimatt

Hello everybody, my names Matthew Clifford I'm 20, living in Coventry and studying a BA Hons Degree in Media Production at Coventry University, I would see myself as a media professional, I'm always looking for interesting media jobs in the industry. I have a great sense of humor and i would see myself as a very approachable guy, if you have anything u want to ask me then go ahead, i dont bite.

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