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TV studio week 2

This week in the TV studio was quite fun as we all got to actually work at the role we wanted in the final production, which was quite handy as it let you get into the role in more depth and learn bait more about it. After a couple of switch arounds we then started deciding the roles between the group, I personally wanted to be the visual mixer as i have good hand and eye co-ordination, another thing that I felt would aid me in this role was that Joe Graham who is one of my closer friends on the course was the director, so i felt this would create some good working chemistry between the gallery and with TJ as sound mixer would be a good team to be in the gallery.

I personally would of liked to have tried being a director or producer as i like to have a lot of input, although I am not a loud and brash character so i didn’t feel this role would benefit the group or me. With the subject of television show we are still on the fence and unsure about which way to go with it, Risky business is such a broad statement that it could apply to so many different subjects.

All in all i feel this week was beneficial to the group as we have decided our roles, i feel the most important thing is that we decide on our subject so that we can get the ball rolling on the production sector such as the graphics and VT’s we are going to use.


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TV show Analysis | TOP GEAR

Top gear is one of my favourite programmes on the television being a massive petrol head myself, I really enjoy watching Top Gear in the relaxation of my bedroom. But this past sunday night as we joined Jezza, May and Hammond on the last episode in the series, I was watching the show in a different light analysing the camera shots they use in the studio segments with the celebrity guest, and the news items they do weekly.

After experiencing the TV studio for the first time last week I personally would like to be the visual mixer for the camera shots. After focusing my viewing on this for the Top Gear show i realised they have a lot of shots of the whole scene then quick cuts to the characters faces. I am really looking forward to this project and hope that our TV show will turn out to be a success.

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161MC | Final Reflection

The 161 module, was something i was looking forward to with the branding aspect and photoshop work. But the other two tasks i have really struggled on, The remaking a fairytale was ok and i though i did a good job with that whilst having a strong narrative to support the web 2.0 tools used. Where as the recycled media from 160 was a bit of a belly ache trying to get some inspiration from the previous work i have. I managed to come up with the idea from our cabinet project character Grant Brockhurst who was a passionate surfer and combined that with the somali pirates poem i created and made a narrative that grant had been kidnapped and held to ransom.

I did this by using news headlines off the net for the web 2.0 tools aspect, then remade the dramatic phone call grant made to the emergency services about his crash and change it for he has been kidnapped. Like I said i really struggled trying to make something out of the resources i had but i feel it would make a strong narrative which Mez said remember that is the main thing. so below is my final recycled media piece.


After i had created my Recycled media i moved onto my fairytale which i enjoyed creating the narrative and making it relevant in the modern day society, which i think i succeeded at with the weight related problems in the story. The narrative has a morale to the story as well which i feel is always a strong way to put across a story. I used dating profiles, PDF menus and google maps to fulfil the web 2.0 tools part of the assignment. I feel the story has a hint of humour thrown in there to keep the viewer entertained. Below is my final fairytale piece.

Last but defiantly not least was my favourite part of this assignment was the branding of ourselves, I thoroughly enjoyed this as I have some good skills in photoshop and would say i have a creative edge. I already have an online alias which is iiMatty from my Playstation Network account. So I thought I would expand on that and created my brand name which is IM-MAT-MEDIA which I though was catchy, yet professional.

This is my final logo i created with the thumbs up around the side to emphasise my personality, it could also represent how the employer will be left feeling after i have finished my work for them. i went for the strong font as i feel it creates impact and people will always remember my logo as strong and vibrant. As well as creating my logo i did various layouts that all link my brand to each other with my blog design and YouTube page which you can check here.

I also went on to create intro’s for my videos which feature my logo so people will start to recognise my work.


Overall with this module there were elements i enjoyed and others that i found a little tedious, but i understand why we were asked to create this media pieces. I feel i just struggle with several little tasks, i benefit more from one big project rather than multiple smaller tasks.

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Presentation Feedback

After giving my presentation on the work i have done for 161 so far, people seemed liked they really enjoyed my ideas, although I was told I do need show more developmental work instead of just showing the final design, as I reach the end of this project i feel as though it all needs to start coming into development, the two other projects instead of the branding still need creating.

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161MC Progress Presentation


This task is something I revelling in as i thoroughly enjoy messing around on photoshop and creating logos and designs for websites and blogs. I do this in my own time as it is, Then to get it as a project was extremely enjoyable and allowed me to bring out my creative nature. The logo below took sometime to create as I had to put a lot of the thought into the design that best reflects my personality, Thats why i went for the colour behind the text that can be change depending on the colour scheme of the project, i chose the font as it creates a lot of impact and its quite hard to forget, the thumbs up on each corner represent that I’m a happy outgoing character, it could also represent to future investors that they will happy with the work i produce.

 I chose the name IM-MAT MEDIA as it sounds catchy and rolls off the tongue, it could possibly be shortened down to MAT MEDIA but i personally like the IM-MAT part of the name as it makes it different. Along with the logo design i have customised my blog to work around my logo design, a log with my Youtube page anything that represents me as a media professional will now have my logo on.

Along with the page design I also created An intro to place at the start of all my youtube videos its also in HD and was created using Motion 5 for mac, after watching and following several tutorials on Motion i went on to create my own project which took some time to create but in the end i am happy with the end product.


After hours after thinking and looking at old Fairy Tales i have decided to focus my story around The Beauty And The Beast, not my favourite fairy tale but one that will adapt well into the modern day, I don’t want to give to much away at this point about what is going to happen but I will give you a brief outline. Belle, a young single girl is looking for a relationship with a handsome caring man, so she decides to try online dating which has been hinted at by some of her close friends. After weeks of searching Belle finally finds the man she has been looking for, So they arrange to meet up at a certain restaurant which will be show via google maps, where you can see a PDF of the menu and what the have eaten, But when they finally meet the man has lied about his looks, He is terribly obese yet he has the kindest caring soul you could ever find, so Belle gives him the benefit of the doubt and carries on with the date. Thats all I’m going to give away for now but the narrative is looking really good and should be brilliant once its finished.


For my recycled media piece i have thought long and hard about this task, as its quite difficult to get something from nothing but here i go anyway.

My recycled media project will feature snippets from Grant Brockhurst’s phone call we used for the cabinet project,but this time Grant will be making a phone call to a police operator, Grant has been kidnapped by Somali pirates whilst out surfing on a holiday with his friends. i will take shots from poetic eyes video i put together to go along with phone call and see what comes from it.