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Driving instructors car.

Coffee shop

This was my first ever paid photoshoot, after doing various pictures of my own car and others. My old driving instructor got in touch and told me he loves my work and really wants some pictures taking of his new learners car, and he would be willing to pay. I asked around for prices and what I should be charging a lot of people worked on the basis of £50 a day so I went with that.

Before the shoot, I planned the location of Warwick as this is where he is based and takes his learners for lessons. Warwick has a lot heritage and some lovely cobbled streets for some great shots. I had all my kit prepared and a nice 24-105 lens of a 5D all ready to go, I reformatted my memory card on the camera to get as much room as possible.

So i met up with my old driving instructor and did the shoot of his car in various locations in the city centre of Warwick and got some cracking shots. Came back to edit them and ohhh…..

When i got back to start editing the pictures on my Mac some where there, but a lot of the files were corrupt and couldn’t open. It seems as though part of the memory card formatted and some didn’t, therefor the photos started again in numerical order but when it got to the same ones from previous shoots the camera didn’t know what to do.

After i realised I had to ring my client apologise profoundly and offer another free shoot, I couldn’t believe this had happen and i felt really bad. He was really nice about it but its a lesson learnt to format and have memory cards ready to go before hand.

Final pictures are below.


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Track day photography.

scirocco r close up

One other element I wanted to add to my work portfolio was some live motor sport photography, to do this i looked around at some of my local raceways and emailed around to see how I could get involved. A couple got back to me saying that they have open track days for teams to practice for the up and coming races.

This was great so I headed to the track armed with my 70-200 zoom lens along with a wide angle for the inside garage shots, the day was a lot of fun was the first time i got a Media bib which made me feel quite professional. I had to sign in and show some insurance documentation. Some of the shots turned out great and I’m really happy I had this experience.

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Website and Business cards

As I started doing more work I realised I was becoming more professional and attracting attention, I needed a website. At college  I studied Web Design for  a year, I decided to design my own website and put my self out there on the web to be found and link to from other places. My website has an about me and my work, a working gallery of my videos and photos and all my contact information. My website gives me more of a professional look and makes me desirable to a client.

After the website I decided to add more to inventory to impress clients or future clients by investing in business cards, I was getting asked for my number or business card and was getting fed up of saying sorry I haven’t got one as that just stinks of amateur.

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Geneva Motorshow

front La

For part of my new job as Listers Community manager i have to create content and attend events to share with our audience on Facebook, I put forward the idea of sending me to Geneva for the biggest motor show of the year to manager. He agreed that I should go to share my experience with the Social networks. It has to be one of the best experiences of my life, the flight in was amazing flying over the Swiss Alps and seeing the ice capped mountains out my window was something I will never forget. Once we landed in Switzerland we headed straight to the show as our flight back was that evening.

When we got there you suddenly realise the vast size of the show and how many people are there, it was pretty hectic. I did the same technique as at Autosport 2013 two cameras with different lens’s to save the time lost changing lens’s. I had to cover a lot of the show as Listers have a variety of manufacturers in their fleet. I also wanted to cover the big and trending worldwide supercar reveals the Lamborghini Veneno and the Ferrari La Ferrari along with the McLaren P1. The place was enormous covering three event halls and two floors. It has to be the best show i have been too as yet.

The pictures turned out great and it was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

My album of the show can be found here.

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Facebook page and Job.

Whilst taking pictures at various events and being extremely active in the automotive photography industry my Facebook Page started attracting a lot of attention and people were enjoying my pictures even with some owners of cars leaving me some lovely feed back such as:

“Wow!  What can I say.  I didn’t think you would get much good stuff with the weather, but those photos are special!”

“I can really see what you are trying to achieve – well done!  They are great! I guess that is the difference with a professional; you can make absolutely the best photos out of next to nothing.  They are stunning!”

This kind of feed back really makes me smile and makes me feel appreciated for the work, money and effort i put into my pictures with editing etc. To attract a wider audience to my Facebook page I decided to invest in some Facebook advertising to get more likes therefor a wider audience seeing my work. This worked out really well, my Facebook page is now extremely popular and growing daily with a wide community and my pictures reaching thousands of peoples news feeds.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 15.08.21

One day when I was going to show Damien Bridge a video I had worked on for him the Road Test Review – Volkswagen Golf MK7, he came out with a job offer for me working for Listers as there Community manager. I was gobsmacked and didn’t know what to say really, he said he can see how ambitious I am and my Facebook page is great and he wants that sort of thing for Listers. Of course I accepted, my responsibilities are to take control of over 30 social networks for them with various brands such as Audi, Volkswagen and Jaguar amongst them. I am to be the face of the company in the social media, i have to create content for the pages and communicate with customers.

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Autosport International 2013

For some more event photography experience I decided to attend the Autosport 2013 event at the NEC, I must say it was a great day. I was there from when the doors opened until they had to kick me out, I made some great contacts in the automotive industry for future shoots  and got some great pictures. I made the most of the day by getting there extremely early. Another thing i wanted to try on the day was using to cameras, one with a prime lens and one with a wide, this helped me by cutting down the time I spent changing over lens’s and rummaging through camera bags. One of the problems I encountered was the rather yellow tones on the images caused by the tungsten lighting in the events hall, i did my best to correct this with the white balance and then adding some blue tones in editing.

Another part of the show was a live event with a lot of motorsport action, I had anticipated this and lent out the 70-200 zoom lens from the loan shop, the lens was brilliant and allowed me to get some amazing shots of motocross riders doing some awesome tricks in mid air.

This event helped me learn a lot and see some amazing stuff.

We got some great pictures from the event which you can find in the link at the bottom.


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Nissan GTR Video shoot

For another couple of days professional experience, I arrange a shoot with a very special Nissan GTR. The car was owned by a guy called Rab who i contacted through the GTROC (GTR owners club) he was very keen to have a shoot of his car. I got a team together for the shoot which we wanted to do at night with three point lighting and a smoke machine to add that eery effect. We arrange for the shoot to take place at country manor house with a big driveway, we felt that at night it would look extremely eye catching and had a lot of space to accomplish what we wanted. We get there half an hour later than the car as we wanted to get set up before they arrived, after the car arrived we got it set up with the smoke machine. We then started with the stills and video work with different members off the team covering different areas. Here is the finished video.

<p><a href=”″>Nissan GTR Team Khan</a> from <a href=””>MJM</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>