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Separate Car shoots.

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Over the past year or so i’ve been arranging separate shoots with some car owners, they have been through various arrangements. Some shoots I have had to set up or ask for, others I have been approached and asked to take pictures of owners cars. This has helped greatly and let me add more work to my portfolio for clients to look at.
Rabs GTR.

Nissan GTR

One of my friends Rab recently bought a brand new Nissan GTR and wanted some pictures taking of his new beauty, The car was very expensive and is highly desirable to a car enthusiasts. He invited me over to his house to take pictures of the car around his area as he didn’t want to take it far, the car was a gorgeous shiny metallic blue and was very photogenic.

I used my kit lens for this shoot as it was pretty last minute and headed straight over as I felt the kit lens could cover the shoot well enough, i feel the pictures turned out great and they seemed extremely happy with how the pictures turned out. Heres a link to the pictures.

Ball of sparks

Playing around with long exposure.

Another project i have been working on is my long exposure shot’s, i love the look of long exposure shots at night with the use of light  painting or steel wool, they add a great effect and really make the shots look truly special and professional. We had to find a location which was completely dark yet safe enough to do what we needed, we head to the barracks car park roof to get some shots and thought it was a great location so we played around with some light painting with some small LED Torches, the pictures turned out ok but not great. We were using a really low shutter speed leaving it open for around 4-5 seconds sometimes even up to 10 seconds to get the effect we were looking for.

We then went back out to attempt some steel wool pictures, this was something we had wanted to attempt for a while. We did our research first and found out how it was done, after finding a safe and secure location we started playing around. We had a whisk on a chain with steel wool stuffed into the whisk, open the camera shutter once its lit and get spinning the whisk on the chain. This creates the spark effect as the camera picks up all the fibres of the steel wool being thrown into the air. The pictures look great and create a truly epic effect!

After that I went out to attempt light painting again this time with a bigger LED Torch, as we all know bigger is better. I had some locations in mind that i thought would look really nice and grungy, so headed out and had a go. I got a lot of cool shots and they turned out just how I wanted!

Long Exposure 2


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