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Ultimate Dubs
Show season is pretty much here, i’ve been to a lot over the past phew months and got a lot of great shots, met some good friends and has some great feedback from owners and other peers in my industry. As far away as Italy, that much they wanted permission to use my pictures in their magazine!

Show season started with a show called Ultimate Dubs at Telford international exihbition centre, I have travelled over the country for some shows which has been a good experience lots of early mornings and queuing. Ultimate Dubs is a show for VAG Cars which means there all German, and DUB is a modding type where cars are slammed to the ground with big wheels and cartoon styling. I’m a big fan of these types of cars owning one myself, I used the two camera technique again each with different lens’s to get a variety shots without the hassle of swapping lens’s.

The show was massive covering 3 halls and outdoor show and shine stands to cover as well. I feel I done a great job the photos reached over 9,000 viewers on my Facebook page which is massive for me to get my pictures noticed and my name out there! They were even good enough to feature in an italian tuning magazine called UN1QUE which is a great accomplishment for any photographer to have there work printed in a glossy magazine!

Heres the link to the pictures:

Sick Fiesta 2

The Fast Show
The second show I Attended was The Fast Show, this show was completely different and was at Santa Pod Raceway. It featured a wide range of different cars and the conditions were horrendous pouring with rain, mud swamped fields and people leaving as we arrived!

I did the best i could with conditions and decided to edit the pictures to make them look extremely stormy and dark, the pictures look really aggressive and moody which was a different editing style to my usual bright vibrant colours!

The set of pictures are below:


Early Edition
Another show i’ve been to was Early Edition, this was another VAG DUB show which was massive in social reach amongst the community and attracted a wide range of different cars. The weather was great and we arrived in the afternoon to avoid the queues early in the morning. I only went with the one camera as equipment was all booked out from university unfortunately, shows me I have to book further in advance in future.

The pictures looked pretty epic once they had finished editing and the set was very popular online with people tagging owners of cars from around the globe.

Pictures are below:

F Type interest

Stratford Motor Festival
Another show i recently attended was the Stratford motor festival which celebrated the west midlands tremendous motoring heritage with a wide range of cars, I attended for Listers as we had a stand at the show, and for my self to get pictures for my page and portfolio. It was a lovely day and the pictures got a tremendous reception on both my page and throughout Listers Pages.

I went with a 85mm 1.8 lens and just used the standard kit lens on the 60D, the pictures turned out really well and shows the atmosphere of the show on a bank holiday weekend packed with activities for the whole family.


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