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Five Short Film Ideas.

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1. SN1PER – This is probably the main idea I have for a short film that consists of a Sniper on a post apocalyptic planet earth, he believes he is one of the few survivors. The film will be put together with no talking from our character apart from voice over narration of his time since the apocalypse, Our character will be trained marine sniper at the top of his profession. Although throughout the narration we get flashbacks to his Encounters with various enemies that have also survived the Apocalypse and are striving to gain anything they can to help themselves survive. We are then bought to the grim reality that our character has one bullet remaining for his precious sniper which has got him out of so much trouble. Our character has made camp upon a roof of a abandoned shack that he has found. With a clear view around the shack he stays there for many days maybe even months, with a whole cut out so he can get inside the shack, he can drop back in for food or supplies.

One morning he is woken with sounds of screams and shouting, he scrambles his way to the roof to see what is going on, he is greeted by the sight of a young women who is clearly past her best and been through a phew battles herself, being chased by a very large looking, dishevelled, knife wielding man. Our Character is then faced with the choice of using his last bullet to save the young women and lessen his chances of survival or save the bullet and keep quiet.

2. RoadTrip – As most of you all ready know i’m a massive car fan, and one of my short film ideas is to film and document a road trip all the way across, starting in Coventry and ending up in Monaco, Monte Carlo to stay over and wake the next morning to have a look around the world famous luxurious location. The short film we based around myself and another co-driver on the trip, it will document all of our mishaps and adventures along the way. The Short film will be filled with some amazing shots from some special locations along the way with some magnificent views.


Author: iimatt

Hello everybody, my names Matthew Clifford I'm 20, living in Coventry and studying a BA Hons Degree in Media Production at Coventry University, I would see myself as a media professional, I'm always looking for interesting media jobs in the industry. I have a great sense of humor and i would see myself as a very approachable guy, if you have anything u want to ask me then go ahead, i dont bite.

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