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Road Test Review – Ongoing

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Road test Review team

Road Test Review – Audi A3 2013

After months of liaising with Damien Bridge the marketing director at Listers group one of the leading automotive groups, who own various car showrooms throughout the UK. We managed to get the filming sorted and the show all edited, Starting in the summer holiday me and Matt O’Neill decided we didn’t want to sit around doing nothing all summer so we decided to start up a motoring review show.

We faced alot of setbacks along the way and got over those hurdles and powered on until Damien Bridge seen something he liked about the project and decided to go ahead with production. We then interviewed various presenters and settled with Tim Watson who has just passed his automotive journalism masters degree, Tim fits the bill of a great presenter for the show.

We discussed various different routes for the show to go down with high performance cars to peoples cars. We settled in the middle and decided to go with the latest cars that come to gain a greater audience, The first day of shooting came round as we had a storyboard sorted and some shot lists we thought we were prepared. BOY was I wrong, I produced and pretty much directed the show on the day, but the shoot took much longer than originally anticipated and by the end of it were in a race with the sun.

After filming for that day i have learnt a lot about doing such professional work, such as which shots to get that are must haves, different mic’s for different situations. Always take your equipment with you after leaving tapes in a past location we had to go back for them. Also get the kit up quickly needs to be improved.

Below is the finished show!

Road Test Review – Volkswagen Golf MK7

After the first show’s massive success and view count we got the go ahead from Damien that he was happy with what we were producing for the company. We decided to review the latest Volkswagen Golf as its one of the most popular cars for people and a real trend setter. So we knew what car we were reviewing and where, I spoke with Tim our presenter and we decided to be more prepared than last time we should go and have a wrecky of the car and locations rather than going in blind like the previous shoot.

Once we had decided on locations and the car we then had storyboarding and scripts to sort out, me and Matt sorted the storyboards while we left Tim to organise his script. With this shoot we wanted to be more ambitious and use a lot more movement in the shoots using things such as sliders and the Jib. We had some really dynamic ideas with the review that were really exciting to try out and i feel they worked well.

When you watch this video and compare it to the first review its 10x better the sound is more crisp the colours are more vibrant, some great shots and the presenter is a lot more confident. There’s a variety of different shots and angles that don’t let the audience become bored whilst learning about the car with some important information throughout.

Link to the video is below.

Road Test Review – 2013 Range Rover
For our third show we decided to do a different style car and make the review a bit more full on and extensive, we settled on the new Range Rover with the idea of taking it off road, as thats what its designed to do. We had the jib again for this shoot and wanted to make it different and cinematic. The show went really well after organising the location for the off road section and for the whole review as we had a whole airfield to play with. The show looks really great when finished and you can really feel the fear and emotion through Tim the presenter.


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