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Troll Hunter Movie Review

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Another review to bring you, my beautiful audience this time its about the movie Troll Hunter which recently came out on DVD and Blu Ray, and after its release the film has kicked up a lot of media attention with a bag of mixed reviews, so i thought i have to see this film myself even though its subtitled, one thing i don’t get along with is subtitled films. After the first 10-15 mins i was slightly bored with the handy camera work following a mysterious beardy man around in an old beaten up Land Rover.

After a while though the film seemed to pick up pace once the group tail the beardy man to a spooky forest in the dark of night, the film really becomes more interesting from there on in, i felt that the creators tried to hard with the suspense of revealing the Troll from the forest. Although the scene where the Beardy man shouts TROLL!!! is priceless, I thought the scenes we see of the Trolls is actually quite well done and i think the Trolls look just liked i’d imagine a Troll to look like. On the other hand i did have a secondary school teacher that has a striking resemblance to some of the Trolls.

I personally enjoyed the scene where the group venture into a Trolls lair and get trapped by the returning family of trolls, this scene built up a lot suspense with the camera shots of the frantic camera man vigourasly rubbing Troll stench over him as he is terrified at this point.

My final thoughts on Troll hunter are that i like the concept of the movie, the characters could have been different and had some kind of back story with them, the Hunter himself was great, some of the camera work was good at times, but the whole way through the film all I kept thinking was Where the wild things are had been turned into a horror unfortunately.


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