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Uncharted 3 Singleplayer | **Spoiler** | 160 ASSESSMENT (OTHER)

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Uncharted 3 is by far the best single player games I have experienced on a gaming console bar none, Uncharted 3 takes us on another one of Nathan Drakes dramatic and awe inspiring adventures searching for some sort of lost treasure. Nathan Drake is young hell bent treasure hunter is fuelled by his love of discovery and money along with his mentor and close friend Victor Sullivan, In the past two games we have seen Drake & Sully go up against some nasty villains and get themselves out of a lot difficult situations. But Uncharted 3 test’s Drakes and Sully’s friendship to new levels take them on a lot of highs and lows. The Story of Uncharted 3 starts with Nathan drake and Victor Sullivan in a typical traditional English pub seemingly happy to part with Drakes valuable ring he wears around his neck; Drake received the ring from his ancestor Sir Francis Drake who was an explorer from history.

But as things quickly swirl out of control and our two main characters end up in a bar brawl out numbered portably about 30-2, of course they manage to escape the bar end enter the back alley where it cuts to a cinematic, in this cinematic we are introduced to the main villain who is a cold hearted women named Katherine Marlowe, I found this quite a surprise as most media products build up some sort of suspense to a big reveal of the main villain. But Naughty Dog the creators have thrown them right in at the deep end, I feel this worked in Naughty Dogs favor as I allowed the gamer to experience the rivalry between the hero and villain from a very early stage.

As you play through the game you realize the amount of attention to detail that has gone into this game, some of the settings and visuals are just amazing to look at, there are a lot of vibrant colours and settings. The camera work in all of the uncharted games has been phenomenal I love the way they emphasize how big an area is by the perspective they give the player. They use the wide angle panning shots a lot of the time to show the gamer where there and create an atmosphere, my favorite camera angles in all the Uncharted games are the backward facing running shots that they use, so you are running towards the camera and you see everything falling down right behind your heels.

One of the best chapters in Uncharted 3 is the cruise ship that Drake finds himself on after being kidnapped by pirates and taken to sea, after fighting his way through the ship to reach the leader, Drake accidentally causes an explosion that cause’s the ship to capsize and end up sinking on its side. The level is so confusing with the ship being engulfed by the sea and everything turned on its side, you have to walk over doors and walls, i completely lost my bearings but its a great level and a huge step forward in level design. I watched a interview with one of the creators of the game who claims that he was given the task of creating a real time ocean that would never repeat the same waves and will react in different ways to different contact.


skip to 3:50

The chapter in the desert started to grind on me after a while, i feel that Naughty Dog way over indulged the gamer in the desert scenes, we realised what its like in a desert with no water or food we’ve seen it all before it just got a bit tedious towards the end just my personal opinion.The ending to the game was a bit of a let down in my opinion, if you have played Uncharted 2 or Uncharted you know there is always a boss fight at the end, but at the end of the third game there isn’t really a boss level. Theres a fist fight u ave with one of Katherine Marlowes goons but thats your lot, i didn’t dislike the ending just could of done with a lot more depth to it i feel.


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