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Grant Brockhurst | Nearly Finished | Cabinet Of Curiosities Project (PROCESS/DEVELOPMENT)

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As were nearing the end of this Cabinet of curiosities project Grants life all seems to be slotting together, all of the materials for our presentation are coming together nicely and it should be good fun presenting the finished Grant Brockhurst’s life. Through the past weeks we as a group have worked hard on certain aspects each for the final presentation to make it the best it possibly can be. I have been working on the newspaper articles, tattoo work and possibly a conversation with Grant trough the interaction of the other groups to get them involved with Grant. We have Different members of the group working on different material for the presentation and hopefully they will work well.

The image at the top was by Joe (jeeps) in our group as he is very good at sketching tattoo designs, we used his skills to create a original and authentic tattoo for grant of his daughter lydia. I then took the sketch and applied it to one of my better body shots (joke pulled from google). I photoshopped the tattoo onto the upper arm of Grant, I did this by erasing the white paper from the background getting the size’s right and then played around with layer styles on photoshop to see which one looked more realistic.

This was one of my early attempts at creating a newspaper article for grants horrific crash involving him and his daughter whilst driving under the influence of alcohol, i used one of the group members actual photos of his crashed car overturned in some bushes. After presenting this image it took some criticism from other groups saying that the article doesn’t seem realistic to a newspaper article, so we as a group discussed this and we are currently getting an actual journalism student to write the article for us.

The past couple of weeks with us working as a group has been a good laugh and a lot of fun, getting to know different people in the group, in the best place to get inspiration “THE PUB”  we have had regular meetings to discuss our final presentation and how we are going to do it at it all seems to be going to plan. This past week we have been filming and editing the POV Video of a day in the life of Grant Brockhurst. We have all helped out during the shooting process at certain points but Dale has mainly been looking after the Video, We have also been sorting out the telephone conversation between grant and the phone operator after his horrific crash with lydia trapped in the vehicle.


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