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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall is way up there in my list of best movies, the humour and gorgeous backdrop of this film are what makes its a joy to watch…….. Plus it also has Russell Brand!

To set the scene for the people that have’nt seen the movie before, basically its about man named Peter Bretter who is slowly turning into a slob constantly living on his couch and eating cereal all the time just like us students hay, but Peter has a hollywood actress as his girlfriend, Sarah Marshall who he is crazily in love with. Unfortunately one day while Peter is getting ready for the arrival of his girlfriend she turns up unannounced and tells him its over and that she has another man, heart broken he starts to seek some sympathy from his brother-in-law who tells peter to a vacation to the gorgeous Caribbean island of Hawaii.

Peter thinks long and hard about having a vacation and decides to go ahead with his plans, but his plans are thwarted when Sarah Marshall and her new found rocker lover Aldis Snow from the famous band infant sorrow, this then throws a spanner into Peters holiday. Peter then starts to fall for the hotel receptionist called Rachael who is very helpful and attractive, this then leads to some fun encounters with his ex girlfriend. The film is a barrel of laughs with some hilarious characters that Peter makes along the way.

Russell Brand is just brilliant in this film his care free couldn’t give a fuck attitude just makes up a brilliant character, Aldis Snow is fuelled by sex and rock ad roll as you find out through the movie. Some of the scenes from the movie are shown below…. il let your imagination think whats happening!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall will sure put a smile on your face, with the hilarious and awkward situations, the beautiful backdrop of Hawaii and the swooshing sound of the sea to accompany it all. Jason Segel is the main actor in the movie and he plays the role really well adding his own style of comedy into the role I could watch this film over and over again especially with Mila Kunis in such a prominent role.


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