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Uncharted 3 multiplayer…..

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uncharted 3 multiplayer beta logo

uncharted 3 multiplayer beta

Well where to start…… WHAT HAVE NAUGHTY DOG DONE! Uncharted 2 was such an entertaining multiplayer game, a vast amount of people got addicted to the multiplayer on that game including myself, but i would have to say this new multiplayer is disappointing and so noob (beginners) friendly in this review i will go in depth about the game and my likes and dislikes. I’m sure you all have your own opinions but i like to have mine heard so hear we go!.

To start with the Uncharted gaming series is one of the most exciting adventure games on a gaming console it has won countless game of the year awards, enough to fill a good size mantlepiece. If you haven’t played any of the uncharted games in the past then just stop reading now and get off my blog! JUST KIDDING you can carry on reading but i suggest you get your money and buy the two games! you can get them cheap now online or in your local game store.

The multiplayer on Uncharted 2 was so smooth and seamless, the way the characters moves, the controls the maps were just perfect and all flowed nicely around the multiplayer experience, yes there is the occasional lag or glitch that happens but hay, no game is perfect. But i feel uncharted 3 has stooped to new lows whilst naughty dog have been aiming to high with the multiplayer, don’t get me wrong the multiplayer is still fun to play and a good game but in comparison to Uncharted 2  its not even in the same league. I feel naughty dog are trying to bring over some of the Call Of Duty crowd with things such as emblems and kickbacks etc, you see Naughty Dog then thing is we liked Uncharted 2 because it wasn’t like Call Of Duty it was different and simple. I have always said that anyone could pick up a controller and play UC2 Multiplayer the controls are so easy and not as clunky as UC3 Beta.

Some of the experiences i have had playing the UC3 multiplayer so far are absolutely crazy! the only two buttons you need to know in UC3 is R1+square for example take a look at this hilarious video from lowesdepths666 youtube channel.

I mean come on blind firing takes no skill at all,i know the blind fire was accurate on UC2 but its nothing like the strength it is on UC3, Along with this there are so many other problems with game such as the moving maps.
The amount of times i have committed suicide on those things is ludicrous, sometimes your character will make a jump and other times he just decide’s to give up on life. My personal opinion on UC3 is that Naughty Dog have set the boundaries to far and ruined what was a great multiplayer experience, i think they should have stuck with the same mechanics from Uc2 and touch and tweaked with characters, guns, maps etc added some extra stuff like kickbacks and customisation but not change the whole way the game feels! Even the recoil on the guns is ridiculous it feels as though your character is trying to shoot an AK47 whilst having Parkinson’s it jumps arounds that much.

I am just hoping that the single player is Extremely good and entertaining as so far UC3 isn’t really getting me hyped up for the release, but one thing i am looking forward to having back in my life is Nathan Drakes witty humour, oh yeah and Chloe’s arse.


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One thought on “Uncharted 3 multiplayer…..

  1. Me and my bro were huge fans of UC2 and it’s mulitplayer. You’ll have to add me on PSN cause I’ll be playing UC3 no doubt. (PSN:drivdac) I played the beta during the summer and I quite liked the changes though…

    (This is Dale Driver by the way, just incase.)

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